Follow the steps below to have IPA available in your OutSystems environment

Get the IPA component from the OutSystems Forge

Deploy the IPA component from the OutSystems FORGE into your workspace.

The IPA component is distributed in the OutSystems FORGE together with the Data Migration Manager (DMM) component:


Set up the IPA Timers

After installing the IPA component, you have to set up 2 timers in the IPA Module:


Enter the SendToAnalyticsTimer and set it up to run every 5 minutes:


This timer will send over masked anonymized (hashed) information of the probes to Infosistema's servers.
The information sent is:

  • the timestamp of when the flow passed through the probe;
  • the probe fields information (shown below), but hashed (so without any way to unmask the information):

Enter the CheckSLA and set it up to run daily every 60 minutes


What’s Next

You've just finished setting up IPA! Now go forward and deploy your first Probe!